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gabbi cerezo, CFP®, AFC®

gabbi cerezo, CFP®, AFC®

Hi, I'm gabbi and I coach young womxn+ of color who are aren't sure where to start to save their first $10k and beyond.

As the oldest daughter of 2nd gen immigrants, I care deeply about honoring the sacrifices my family made to 'make it' in america. Moreover, I saw how the patriarchy kept women in my family from making independent decisions on how to spend money to take care of their family. I’ve been saving and investing so that I would both honor those sacrifices my family made for me to have a better life AND so that I never have to rely on someone else financially.

Now I’m on a mission to help young women of color break generational barriers by building wealth & becoming their ancestor’s wildest dreams.


In our coaching sessions, we'll talk about how you can take care of yourself (financially) so that you can give back to your family and community, while still having your freedom.

how we work together

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